SsangYong LIV-2 concept car

SsangYong LIV-2 concept car
Development concept

SsangYong will unveil its large premium SUV concept LIV-2 - Limitless Interface Vehicle - (known previously as the development project Y400), at this year’s Paris Motor Show.  As the next iteration from the LIV-1 concept showcased at the Seoul Motor Show in 2013, this advances the car’s design language and helps communicate the concept of ‘Dignified Motion.’

SsangYong LIV-2 concept car
SsangYong LIV-2 concept car
SsangYong LIV-2 concept car
SsangYong LIV-2 concept carSsangYong LIV-2 concept car

Continuing the development philosophy of ‘Robust, Specialty, Premium,’ which has underpinned other concept cars recently from SsangYong, this new and authentic SUV concept pursues the emotional interface between the driver, passengers and car, and will evolve to become another key strategic model within the SsangYong product range and drive future growth.  The car is expected to be introduced during 2017.

Styling concept

LIV-2 draws on the brand’s legitimate position as Korea’s leading producer of 4x4 and SUV vehicles, while also embodying the concept of ‘Dignified Motion’ inspired by the magnificence of nature, and SsangYong’s design philosophy of ‘Nature-born 3Motion’.  It is imbued with a tough, masculine SUV look with dynamic and voluminous styling from the design theme, ‘Robust Aesthetics.’

Featuring a strong and durable body-on-frame construction and utilising SsangYong’s specialist four-wheel-drive system, the LIV-2 is equipped with an intelligent interface that facilitates active communication between the driver and car.

The ‘limitless potential’ of the LIV-2 implies it can go almost anywhere, while also offering premium comfort and the driving experience of a luxurious limousine, with abundant space in the second row of seats and equipped to achieve the most relaxing ambiance.

As the next generation flagship model for SsangYong, LIV-2 is an executive SUV which has been strategically developed to take the brand into new areas of the market.


In the same way that concept cars for the SsangYong XIV (eXciting user-Interface Vehicle) and SIV (Smart Interface Vehicle) presented the company’s ideas for both sub-compact and compact SUVs, the LIV-2 indicates the direction being taken for mid-size D-segment and full size E-segment SUVs.

Strong, resourceful, charismatic and dignified while at the same time graceful, the car takes its inspiration from the ‘Dignified Motion’ of SsangYong’s design language, ‘Nature-born 3 Motion’.

The look of this strong, authentic SUV is informed by restrained sensitivity, and a contemporary expression is realised through the matt white body finish and white-hued interior, emphasising a futuristic yet powerful aura inside and out.

This fresh, modern and appealing style has been created through the fusion of its robust, dignified body, dramatic-look air intakes, and a cohesive appearance at the front that blends the grille and headlights seamlessly.

The radiator grille resembles the spread wings of a bird - first seen on Tivoli and symbolising liberty and freedom, and this new front end design will now be shared across all future SsangYong models to create a distinctive and recognisable new identity for the marque.

Additionally, the intense character lines on the car’s side - especially towards the back where they rise up towards the rear bumper, and again first seen on the Tivoli, will also become another future styling cue for SsangYong.

Notable new features include electric side steps fitted to both sides for safety and convenience, and advanced technology that creates an illuminated path for passengers approaching or leaving the car at night.

The tyres for the LIV-2 concept have been developed to be suitable for driving off road.  A differentiated angle and layered tread pattern helps to diffuse noise even on uneven surfaces, while the risk of aquaplaning in the wet is reduced by using a high stiff block and deep groove tread.

The concept’s body colour is an expression of luminescent light that conveys purity and mystique.  A combination of matt and gloss white has been used to communicate the dignity of the car’s shape.


The design brief for LIV-2 was to create a contemporary executive lounge within a luxury, chauffeur driven limousine, and as well as having copious space to work or relax, it should be equipped with a suite of advanced communication technologies.

The chauffeur driven concept places the emphasis on the rear seat passengers who are afforded individual seats and a fully connected centre console.  Each seat reclines, and includes massaging vibration at the touch of a button.

Fine leather, Geonic pattern and piano-black gloss accent panels present a harmoniously presented modern environment, while fully adjustable mood lighting subtly positioned to highlight the console and door panels create a futuristic, sophisticated ambience.

An integrated communication system with three displays - a 9.2-inch monitor in the centre fascia and a 10.1-inch monitor in each headrest, wi-fi mirroring for devices, Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto enhance connectivity for passenger pleasure while travelling.  This can all be controlled from the second row centre console, which gives access to the infotainment system via a touch control panel for ‘surround sound’ and premium entertainment quality, as well as unrestricted smart phone use with headsets and phone recharging.



LIV-2 is powered by SsangYong’s own 2.2 litre Euro 6 diesel engine with a 2,000bar common rail direct injection system to achieve a powerful yet efficient performance, while reducing noise and increasing responsiveness.  The low-speed fifth generation E-VGT (Electronic-Variable Geometry Turbocharger) helps deliver a maximum torque of 420Nm within the range of 1,500 - 2,500rpm.

Increased fuel efficiency is delivered through reduced engine friction achieved by using a variable oil pump (VOP) and low tension piston ring pack.  And by employing LP-EGR (Low Pressure-Exhaust Gas Recirculation) - combining an EGR valve, Nickel plated compressor wheel and an I-flow & wavy fin type EGR cooler, NOx emissions are reduced under higher rpm and torque load.

This powerful engine is matched to a Mercedes-Benz 7-speed automatic transmission, and delivers a fun-driving experience with optimal performance and efficiency.

A newly developed petrol 2.0 litre GDi turbo engine is also available.  Featuring an integrated exhaust manifold head with an electric waste gate actuator helps achieve good fuel efficiency as well as excellent NVH (noise vibration and harshness) values.


LIV-2 underpins SsangYong’s commitment to safety, not only for the driver and passengers, but also for pedestrians.

Passenger safety has been a high priority, and the LIV-2 features no less than nine airbags: front, front and rear side, curtain and driver’s knee airbag.

The car is equipped with an advanced emergency braking system (AEBS) which warns the driver when an obstacle such as a car or pedestrian is detected by radar and laser scanning, as well as a camera sensor positioned at the top of the windscreen.  In certain situations, the AEBS can also activate autonomous emergency braking for optimum protection.

LIV-2 can also actively avoid collisions at blind spots or intersections by using traffic safety assist (TSA) and high beam assistance (HBA) which helps the driver achieve optimum nighttime vision.

A lane departure warning system helps minimise the risk of an accident on a motorway, while blind spot detection and lane change assist use two radars to help prevent colliding with hidden objects.  A rear cross traffic alert system also protects both rear corners of the car when reversing out of a parking bay, significantly reducing the danger of having a rear three quarter collision.

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