Rinspeed Etos visionary concept car features TomTom Bandit action cam

Rinspeed Etos visionary concept car features TomTom Bandit action cam
Etos is a revolutionary concept car that brings the notion of autonomous driving further by proposing a fully autonomous mode as well as a manual drive option. The vehicle includes an on-board DJI drone boasting a TomTom Bandit action camera mounted below it, which records footage of the driver’s exploits on the road.

Thanks to the Bandit’s industry-first ability to edit footage without having to download it, the driver can shoot breath-taking UltraHD quality video, then edit and share his footage in a matter of minutes, not hours. All made possible via the Bandit’s built-in Media Server and video highlights captured by in-camera action sensors (GPS, accelerometer, gyro, barometer and compass).

“The TomTom Bandit was an obvious choice for Stos,” says Frank M. Rinderknecht, CEO of Rinspeed. “Indeed TomTom and Rinspeed share a similar vision on innovation, putting the human at the centre of everything and striving to make advanced technology easy to use for everyone.”

"This is an exciting encounter of two like-minded companies,” adds Peter-Frans Pauwels, Co-founder of TomTom. “We are extremely proud to be part of such an exciting concept car and to have the chance to showcase our Bandit action cam along with such inspiring automotive technology”.



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