Yamaha announce retail pricing and key technical data for the new MT-10 motorcycle

Yamaha announce retail pricing and key technical data for the new MT-10 motorcycle

In November 2015 the world of motorcycling witnessed the next chapter in the MT story: the arrival of the MT-10. Shaped by the unstoppable force of creative energy coming out of the Dark Side of Japan, the MT-10 is the most powerful motorcycle that the MT world has to offer. Equipped with a 998cc, torque-rich, crossplane engine and highly agile Deltabox chassis, the bold and aggressive new MT-10 is ready to unleash a whole new riding experience on to the streets of Europe.

With the MT-10's arrival in dealer showrooms scheduled to coincide with the start of the main riding season in Europe, Yamaha can reveal the key technical specifications that have been shrouded in darkness since the bike's public debut.

Producing 118.0kW (160.4 PS) @ 11,500 rpm, this high performance naked bike has the power to dominate its environment - and with a strong and linear torque output that peaks at 111.0 Nm (11.3 kgf-m) @ 9,000 rpm, the MT-10 delivers thrilling acceleration for an adrenaline-charged ride at all speeds.

Benefiting from a short 1,400mm wheelbase as well as an 825 mm seat height- and weighing just 210 kg with a full oil and fuel load - this Ray of Darkness is equipped to deliver light and agile cornering with solid straight-line stability.

Never before has the street rider had access to a high-tech naked bike offering such huge potential. With the ability to deliver outstanding performance over a wide range of speeds and varied riding conditions, this state-of-the-art MTflagship opens up new territory for Yamaha. With a suggested retail price in the
UK of £9,999 (incl. VAT)*, the new MT-10 underlines the company's commitment towards bringing value to every sector of the marketplace.

MT-10: Key Technical Specifications
Maximum power: 118.0 kW (160.4 PS) @ 11,500 rpm
Maximum torque: 111.0 Nm (11.3 kgf-m) @ 9000 rpm
Seat height: 825 mm
Wet weight**: 210 kg
Dry weight: 190 kg
Suggested retail price*: £9,999
(* This price includes 'On the Road' charges but not road tax or first registration fee)
(** Including full oil, cooling water and fuel tank)

MT-10 Genuine Accessories

As well as laying claim to the title of ultimate naked, the radical new MT-10 is one of Yamaha's most versatile large capacity models. Besides being built to satisfy every thrill-seeking rider's adrenaline cravings, this eagerly awaited 998cc, high specification performance bike is also ready to go the distance.

To reinforce the bike's outstanding potential, Yamaha is developing a wide range of Genuine Accessories that give every rider the freedom to personalise their MT-10. Items such as the Akrapovic muffler, quick shifter and race-inspired billet components are aimed at those riders who want to bring out the MT-10's
sports character - while longer distance customers can enhance functionality and practicality with a range of bolt-on components including a medium height sport screen, soft side cases, heated grips and a comfort seat.

All Genuine Accessories can be ordered from the Yamaha dealer with the new MT-10, or fitted post purchase.

New Night Fluo colour for the 2016 MT-07 Moto Cage

Equipped with a special accessories kit as standard, the radical-looking 2016 MT-07 Moto Cage is aimed at those riders who appreciate its unique 'bad-boy' style and thrilling Dark Side DNA image. For 2016 this extrovert member of the MT family will be available in the latest Night Fluo colour option, featuring fluo
yellow wheels and engine side bars, as well as fluo highlights contrasting with the grey bodywork.

The new 2016 night fluo version of the MT-07 Moto-Cage will have a retail price of £6299 inc VAT which is unchanged from last year's model.

MT-07 Moto Cage exclusive components:
  • Frame mounted fluo yellow engine guards
  • Tubular fluo yellow engine sump-guard
  • Designer tandem seat - leather
  • Lightweight fluo yellow knuckle guards
  • Adjustable front headlight shroud
  • Fluo yellow radiator guards
  • Black chassis components

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