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Monday, December 8, 2014

Voutilainen V-8R Mechanical Hand-wound Watch

Voutilainen V-8R Mechanical Hand-wound Watch

Winner of the Best Men’s Watch prize in the 2013 Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix, the V-8R houses a wealth of mechanical feats entirely achieved by Voutilainen. Equipped with a direct-impulse two-wheel movement, it also features an original device serving to reveal the power-reserve mechanism. To limit the duration of the latter to the period when the mainspring torque is at its highest, Voutilainen has built it in the shape of a Maltese Cross on the barrel, thus adding over two days’ optimal power reserve out of the theoretical full 65 hours. 25-piece limited edition.

Mechanical hand-wound, direct-impulse two-wheel escapement, stop seconds during time-setting, visible power-reserve mechanism with cone system and Maltese Cross, 4N gold-plated bridges and plate, pink gold wheels. Adjustment with gold inertia-blocks with no index assembly, 228 parts, 28 jewels, 18,000 vib/h
Hours, minutes, seconds, power reserve
Red gold, 39 mm Anti-reflective sapphire crystal, front and back

Voutilainen Press