Vauxhall drives road to Rio with new Astra Copacabana

Astra Copacabana
With a Brazilian flag on its roof, palm trees and dancing lines along its doors, the all-new Astra Copacabana is the epitome of pure South American emotion.

Under the bonnet, its new 200PS 1.6 Turbo litre engine offers more drama than a penalty shoot-out, while acceleration from 0-60mph in just 2.6 seconds will press drivers into their seat-backs, which are upholstered from genuine Rio turf.

Astra Copacabana interior

A masterpiece of craftsmanship, Vauxhall’s interior designers successfully processed original grass from the famous Maracanã Stadium. Every car comes with a certificate confirming the authenticity of the sacred greenery.

Just as authentic are the footwells, which are filled with finest sand from the beach that gave this football-themed model its name. And to make sure that you’re really living the dream when you drive the Copacabana, each special edition comes with a handy pair of flip-flops in the glove compartment.

With a choice of Samba or Vuvuzela tones, the Copacabana’s horn provides true stadium atmosphere, as does a beverage vending machine that mixes up ice-cold Caipirinhas during the drive – alcohol-free, of course, because the Cachaça goes directly into the tank as a power-boosting turbo-cocktail.

The Astra Copacabana is available today for just £41,024.01 from your nearest participating Vauxhall dealer.

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