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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Celsius X VI II LeDix Furtif Cellphone

Celsius X VI II LeDix Furtif
 Celsius X VI II raises the cellphone to the rank of objet d’art. LeDix Furtif, the first mechanical mobile phone with a flying tourbillon and the brand’s signature ‘Remontage Papillon’ winding system, further enhances the technical and aesthetic feat already achieved. Micromechanics draws inspiration from the technology used in stealth planes such as the B2 or F117. LeDix Furtif is the first cellphone with an all carbon-fibre structure. Sturdy but light, virile and yet discreet with its monochrome look, it is subtly imbued with a sense of energy and power. With each opening and closing of the phone, the ‘Remontage Papillon’ makes that unmistakable mechanical clicking sound expressing the energy the user is supplying to the watch mechanism. At its heart glides another technical instrument – the world’s most off-centred flying tourbillon. In an ultimate reference to its namesake military aircraft, it is swept over by a squadron of gold, platinum or aluminium inserts. Available in three 8-piece limited editions with pink gold, platinum or black-toned inserts.

Celsius X VI II LeDix Furtif silver
Celsius X VI II LeDix Furtif dial pad

Hand-wound, ‘Remontage Papillon” hinge, 330 parts, 21,600 vib/h, 100-hour power reserve, off-centre flying tourbillon mounted on shock-absorbers
Hours, minutes, seconds, and power-reserve indicator
Clamshell phone, 49 mm
Carbon fibre structure with polished, satin-brushed, shotblasted and “Clous de Paris” hobnail finishes
Satin-brushed with black gold finish
Power-reserve indicator over a 200° sweep
Three-dimensional hour-markers at 12, 3 and 9 o’clock
5 to 8 o’clock opening revealing the bridges and gear trains
Other versions
“Le Holster”: hand-sewn leather
“LeKit” mechanical hands-free kit in leather and polished/satin-brushed metal
“LaBase”: docking station in wood, leather and polished or satin-brushed leather exterior
“LaChaîne”: chain composed of mechanical parts, belt-attached via a system of spring-mounted beads and mechanically linked to the phone

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