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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Revelation - R03 Chronographe RS

Revelation - R03 Chronographe RS side front
Revelation - R03 Chronographe RS skeleton
Revelation - R03 Chronographe RS black

Thanks to its patented concept, unique in the world, the Revelation System®, the R03 CHRONOGRAPHE RS has two faces. Its dial goes from transparent to black when the notched bezel is rotated ninety degrees.

This magical effect is possible thanks to the superposition of two polarizing glasses whose nanostructures play the role of shutters. Each disc is covered with three-dimensional nanostructures shaped as lamellas whose size are about 70 nanometers (70 billionth of a meter) To make sure the polarizing discs play their “on/off” role, they must be on top of each other and able to pivot. Their respective nanostructures will be positioned horizontally or vertically, blocking or letting the light go through to the movement. This allows it to appear and reveals the secondary functions of the chronograph, such as the date.

Derived from the extremely complex mechanism with a double differential coupled with an Archimedes screw of the historical piece R01 DOUBLE COMPLICATION, the “Revelation System®” of the R03 CHRONOGRAPHE RS has been modified and simplified to be placed inside the bezel of the watch. One of the polarizing discs is directly geared by the bezel. The rotation of the bezel is done manually, at will, by the wearer who decides which level of transparency he wishes for his dial, to admire the inside of the watch.

The polarizing discs of the R03 CHRONOGRAPHE RS are born from the original development done during 2007 and 2008 with the Centre Suisse d’Electronique et de Microtechnique. This fruitful collaboration continues today with the study of new specific discs whose cutouts have been elaborated according to the axes of the hands of the chronograph, especially the three counters.

The company Dubois Dépraz has developed the movement of the R03 CHRONOGRAPHE RS watch. This family business, founded in 1901 produces chronographs since more than a century. The two companies have worked hand in hand to personalize this automatic chronograph with skeletonized bridges.

The heights of the hand-fitting have been engineered to integrate the “Revelation System®” to the movement. REVELATION has designed the date and the mass of this automatic caliber. The aesthetics of this specific mass reminds one of the tailor-made movement “Tourbillon Manège®”. It states its unequivocal affiliation to the brand identity. This is also the case of the bridges of the complication watch, which are designed with inner corners and finished by hand as well.

Because it integrates the “Revelation System®”, the case of the R03 CHRONOGRAPHE RS watch is of an unrivaled complexity. It is made out of no less than 112 components, which makes it a complication in its own right.

The R03 CHRONOGRAPHE RS is currently available in stainless steel on black veal leather Barenia with a REVELATION folding buckle


Stainless Steel
Sapphire back
Ø 45 mm, H. 14 mm
Waterproof to 3 ATM
Revelation System® Patented polarized glasses
Black when the bezel is closed, transparent when the bezel is open
Grey, green Superluminova
Grey green Superluminova
Black « Barenia » genuine leather
Stainless Steel Revelation folding buckle
Travelling case, outside black leather like material, inside genuine grey
Chronograph, automatic, squeletonized bridges
Special Revelation inverted corner mass
42 hours
Ø 30 mm, H 7.10 mm

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