Introducing Chapter One Round by Maîtres du Temps

Maîtres du Temps presents Chapter One Round, featuring a bold, architecturally-inspired round case housing Chapter One's groundbreaking combination of complications. The interplay of the multi-level concentric circles of the case and dial entices the viewer's eye inward to the majestic amphitheater of the indication-rich dial. There, attention might first alight either on the kinetic ballet of the sublimely finished tourbillon or on the eye-catching red of the counterpoised chronograph second hand, both in contrast to the backdrop of the dial’s dark brushed-satin finish. However, it isn't long before the clear legibility of layout impresses with its elegant and functional design.

The circles within circles are perfectly balanced by the juxtaposition of the rectangular forms of the two roller indications showing the day and moon phase, which curve down from the top of the muscular case like buttresses and seamlessly integrate the lugs for the strap. Large polished chamfers running the full length on each side of the case catch and dynamically reflect the light and provide a foil to the brushed finish of the vertical elements.

Developed by a collaboration of world-renowned master watchmakers, Christophe Claret and Peter Speake-Marin, Chapter One Round features a world-first combination of complications: tourbillon, mono-pusher chronograph, retrograde date, retrograde GMT, and two rolling bars indicating the day of the week and phase of the moon.

A tour of the highly legible dial reveals central coaxial hours, minutes, and chronograph 60-second counter; tourbillon and day of the week roller at 6 o’clock; retrograde GMT at 9 o’clock; 60-minute chronograph counter and precision moon phase roller at 12 o’clock; and retrograde date at 3 o’clock. Stylish ergonomic correctors with a slide-to-unlock feature make adjusting the calendar indications a tactical pleasure.

“After working on Chapter One for nearly two years, I was struck by the strength in the design of this round version: it is far stronger in character and presence than I dared hope for,” says Peter Speake-Marin.

Actualizing the sophisticated case of Chapter One Round⎯comprising 96 individual components⎯requires the precision and care of an artist. The hand-polished and brushed-satin finishes of the three main case elements⎯central body and two lugs⎯demand meticulous exactitude to ensure that all of the finishes line up precisely so that the lines flow smoothly. The development of the case alone required a full year of research and development.

“Maîtres du Temps continues to diversify the Chapter One collection by offering timepieces with sophisticated design and technical mastery. This latest round-case version offers a sculptured structural feel with distinguished technical features,” says Steven Holtzman, founder of Maîtres du Temps.
The ease of both reading and adjusting Chapter One’s indications disguises the fact that Chapter One is an incredibly complex timepiece crafted from 678 finely finished and beautifully decorated components. Chapter One Round stands as an enduring testament to the skill, patience, and dexterity of its world-class creators.

Chapter One Round by Maîtres du Temps
Chapter One Round by Maîtres du Temps sideChapter One Round by Maîtres du Temps back

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