Leblanc Mirabeau

Mirabeau, the newest car from wysstec. A real piece of art with the spirit of race. The car is designed and prepared to fulfill all the FIA/Le Mans standards to drive the car in LeMans. With this kind of potential, the Leblanc Mirabeau really belongs on the racing track.

That this car can be driven on public roads, is sensational.

To reach the maximum of lightweight building and race feeling the car interior is optimized for maximum of speed and acceleration.

Leblanc Mirabeau Technical Datasheet
  Make Leblanc
  Model Mirabeau
  Powertrain Layout Mid Engine / RW
  Weight 812 kg
  Length 4550 mm
  Width 2000 mm
  Height 980 mm
  Wheelbase 2800 mm
  Front / Rear Track 1733 mm / 1682 mm
  Type by koenigsegg / V8 Supercharged
  Displacement 4.7 lt
  Power more than 700 bhp
  Torque more than 850 Nm
  Max Engine Speed 7600 rpm
 Chassis and Body
  Body / Frame carbonfiber

 Wheels (Diameter x Width)
  Le Mans 18" x 10.5" Front / 18" x 12.5" Rear
  Street 19" x 10.5" Front / 19" x 12.5" Rear
  Transmission 6 - speed sequential
  Topspeed Depending on Racetrack Layout approx. 370 km/h
Base Price  (excl. VAT) $543,000 Euro
  Semiautomatic Gear Shifting 52 000 Euro
  Further options on request

Leblanc Mirabeau front side
Leblanc Mirabeau backLeblanc Mirabeau frontLeblanc Mirabeau interiorLeblanc Mirabeau engine

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