Paula Vázquez and Dafne Fernandez head a "Baume & Mercier Team" of 250 women gathered to run the "Carrera de la Mujer"

Madrid, Sunday May 2nd 2010. Baume & Mercier’s first participation in the “Carrera de la Mujer” proved a remarkable success. The watch manufacturer managed to mobilize two hundred and fifty women willing to keep step with the pace set by the Baume & Mercier team. The splendid pink shade of the jerseys attracted plenty of attention along the pathways of the Retiro, the large park in central Madrid, and lent a welcome touch of color to an annual event that has become a well-established tradition.

Baume & Mercier could not have hoped for a finer response to its proposal to support an association dedicated to the fight against breast cancer. As a means of testifying to its solidarity with the women who initiated the race which is now in its seventh edition, Baume & Mercier had set up its own pavilion on the Paseo de Coches at the heart of the Retiro park. The sale of the precious solidarity bracelets, which gave people access to the prize draw for two prestigious watch creations bearing the brand signature, were a great success among the public and contributed to raising funds for the association.

Two exceptional “godmothers”, actress Paula Vázquez and dancer Dafne Fernandez, added a glamorous touch to the event. They were entrusted with the pleasant task of presenting Baume & Mercier watches to the two winners of the prize draw, as well as to Lola Chico Perles, the first athlete to cross the finishing line. She exclaimed: “I am very happy to have lent my support to this sporting event. I am also delighted to have received such a beautiful watch!”

The two godmothers were also thrilled to be partnering Baume & Mercier for such a special day, on which Spain was celebrating Mother’s Day.

Carrera de la Mujer - a
Carrera de la Mujer - b
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Carrera de la Mujer - d

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